January 2022 – To Snow or Not To Snow

January 2022 – To Snow or Not To Snow January 14, 2022Leave a comment

Let’s start with some randomness: (1) Grocery stores. The same Lays slogan “betcha can’t eat just one” applies to grocery stores – expect it’s “betcha can’t leave with just one thing”… I have tried this on such occasions when you literally need JUST ONE THING… but come out with 5. What the hell!… but then again, why waste a trip to the grocery store. (2) High socks. I used to make fun of the people wearing socks high socks… but I have officially become one of them (and I love it). (3) Writing. I have missed writing. And sharing it. I am fairly consistent journaling on my own… however writing has escaped me over the past couple years and I plan to get back at it. Hence, these words you are reading right now 😉

Moving on. WOW. Mid-January. I know we are already passing through the doorway into a new year; however I just wanted to take a moment to acknowledge all that 2021 brought to me. To keep it simple and quick, I have narrowed down 2021 into single words that describe me and what I have done… I have learnt that I am:

Ambitious. I packed up and spent almost 3 months of my year in the interior, to continuing pursuing my dreams in triathlon. Hopefully now international travel is getting better so I can venture out much farther 😉  but truly, in the summertime, we live in one of the best places on earth.

Accomplished. As an Account Executive, I achieved my highest year in sales. Ever.

Exciting. Although, I am not sure my version of exciting matches yours… but cycling through gorgeous, winery lined, rolling country roads at speeds of 30 – 70 km per hr (!), heart is racing, sun is beaming, but I’m refreshed off a slurpee gas station stop… is 100% my version of exciting.

Tenacious. In life, career and athletics, I experienced some of the highest highs and lowest lows; however I have never stopped taking steps forward.

In awe. I travelled to special places, saw beautiful sites and gained priceless memories.

Grateful. It warms my heart to have such an amazing family, friends, colleagues and network of supporting people in my life who make me smile every day.

For 2022, [bring it on] I have goals to chase with ongoing specificity and purpose. I’m looking forward to making mistakes because it proves I am trying. I’m not afraid to ask questions because I am genuinely curious and am always willing to learn something new. I can’t wait to live outside of my comfort zone every day to experience more things ‘great’. And as fast as I like to compete… I will aim to Slow. It. Down. and savour life’s incredibly beautiful moments with a couple more chews before I swallow and move onto my next bite. I plan to work even harder. Laugh more. Sing louder (mostly in the car or shower). Speak my mind. Enjoy nature. Stand on top of more mountains. And bring my good energy wherever I go.

If you’ve made it this far, I thank you! Hopefully I’ll see you around for my next post. And until then, how’s the coziness of your bedroom? It may be time for something fresh, new sheets? Pillows? A mirror? Rug? Print a new image and frame it? White board? Get on it! Where you sleep is where you recharge and relax… make it that way, so you can feel that way.


Lauren Babineau

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