Hi! I’m Lauren

I am a Professional Triathlete and a full-time Sales and Marketing Account Executive in Victoria, BC.

My journey is through sport, business, and community. I love triathlon, I love the work I do, and I love connecting with people and sparking joy into their lives. I am grit, spunk, and ambition packaged into this chick with a big personality. So it’s not that I have passion… I AM passion. I don’t just like things; I love the crap out of them. And then I work really hard to achieve my goals. That’s my difference.

A lot of hard work (and not to mention sweat!) goes into all that I do, but I love it and that is what makes me successful.

It’s not always pretty! It’s not always perfect! But here’s to opening up my story ‘behind the scenes’. . .

I hope to inspire, relate, educate, and grow with you at www.laurenbabineau.com.