My journey is through sport, business, and community. I love triathlon, I love the work I do, and I love connecting with people and sparking joy into their lives. I am grit, spunk, and ambition packaged into this chick with a big personality. So it’s not that I have passion… I AM passion. I don’t just like things; I love the crap out of them. And then I work really hard to achieve my goals. That’s my difference.

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What does it take to fuel a 5 ft 6 triathlete? You’d be surprised! Start feeling healthy and be full of energy with some of my favourite meals and snacks!


I have a strong desire to create positive change on a bigger scale, and that means I need to team up to harness the power of many. Thank you to my supporters, sponsors and partners, I couldn’t do this without you.

John S.

Carmanah CEO
Lauren Babineau’s story was so inspiring that we felt we should help-not just support Lauren’s athletic endeavours but also to help her inform and inspire young Victorians as a positive role model.

Bay L.

Coach/Owner Wonderland & Co,
Lauren is one of those rare creatures: a person made up of raw power and heart. She plays hard, she works hard and she loves even harder. Lauren is not a person made to do small things or even big things halfway. Whatever Lauren takes on, she does, and does well. She is commitment and excellence, and what’s really special is that she never does something that doesn’t also benefit all those around her. She seeks challenges and inspiration, and in so doing, inspires people to seek more from life, to rise above challenges, to lift each other up and to be endlessly curious about the world and to understand oneself better. When it comes to Lauren, nothing is impossible. She is pure, unfiltered Joy, Radiance, Sovereignty, Curiosity and Devotion.